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How are we different


We believe sustainability and luxury can go hand in hand. Where the sheets you sleep on are soft,
wrinkle-free and sustainably crafted. The products used on the vessel are both top of the line and
toxin-free. We believe in supporting smaller Irish vendors where possible and providing opportunity
locally. We strive to simplify the supply chain to reduce costs. We believe in offering the finest
products to our clients.

How are we different
Our guarantee

Our guarantee


Our company ethos is to understand our clients needs and listen to them versus sell them what we deem is best.

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What does HOC mean


A home is known to be the safest place where we come to rest and rejuvenate. Where we trust our surroundings are non-toxic and created with love. Our company, named after our Irish family, the Corrigan’s. A constant reminder that we want to help others feel at home – whether that is on the water or in a distant land.

What does HOC mean

Future direction


We hope to move the yachting industry into a sustainable and Fairtrade mindset. As the industry continues to expand, we hope HOC can impact the way clients purchase.

Through sustainable purchasing, transparent supply chains, clean products, and using less plastic, we can make a small difference in a growing industry.

Future direction
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