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Healthy Sleeping

How to enhance your guests' sleep and their sleep environment.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. If our rest hours are not productive, our body is unable to function correctly or efficiently throughout the day. Your quality of sleep affects your sustainability. As our bodies repair themselves each night, they are also exposed to the bedroom environment. The air we breathe and surfaces our skin touches; all can have a direct effect on our bodies. It is important to consider natural solutions for your guest bedrooms when so much vital time, is spent in that space. It is worthwhile investing in good quality, sustainable mattresses, preferably handcrafted using organic fillings that are healthy and nontoxic. Some mattresses, for example, are manufactured with polyurethane foam, a non-renewable plastic which can emit harmful fumes that may cause health issues.

Natural fibres either plant-based or animal fibres are more breathable, sustainable,

responsive and durable than any synthetic fillings substitute. In addition to the health benefits, natural quality fillings are likely to keep the mattress intact for

twice the average lifespan of a synthetic material mattress.

HOC recommend natural filled mattresses. Free of foams, adhesives, petrochemicals, chemical flame retardants and gimmicky layers because you or your guest should not be sleeping with toxic materials. We love to take a positive approach to source sustainable, whereby we can guarantee every component filling used in HOC sourced mattresses are recyclable, breathable and eco-friendly. From tempered steel to 100% GOTS organic certified cotton, 100% natural latex to pure wool, each material is chosen to provide ultimate comfort to you, your guests and sustainability for our Earth.

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