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Our logo journey

The most important defining feature of a company is your logo. Our graphic team share our logo journey.

House of Corrigan's brief to the design team was to have a memorable logo, that is aesthetically pleasing in order to have a lasting and significant positive impact on a client.

The initial design process was for our graphic team was to analyse the business and understand.

1. What is House of Corrigan's message to our client?

2. What best describes the House of Corrigan's business/product/service?

3. What logo design, would set us apart from our competitors?

Brainstorming started with a doodle on a napkin, playing with the wording House of Corrigan. We quickly realised that we needed something shorter and catcher. HOC was born, further brainstorming enforced our message "sustainable interiors".

The graphic team prepared mood boards to communicate what they portrayed as the look and feel of the design, natural visuals such as eucalyptus plant gave us colour inspiration.

From the very first sketches, there was visual iconography or shapes that were appealing and worthy of development. The original design was refined further as a computer illustration, and the idea was fleshed out with colour options and style elements to arrive at the final design.

Logo Design Presentation to Client: HOC offers a logo design process, the concept will be presented as PDFs showing how a logo could look on shirt or jacket of a crews uniform or a service to monogram your guest's initials on towels, linen, luggage etc.

Initial logo design presentation can be exported to a secure PDF format, allowing you to view on-screen or print out.

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