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Project Management


Uniform & Graphic Design


Interior Product Sourcing



Furniture Design & Carpentry

At the heart of what we do is wood. We aim to use it responsibly, select it from managed sources. Each tree we seek to expose its charms and memorialise it in pieces of worthwhile furniture. The simplicity of the wood defines us. At the same time, we aim to deliver bespoke furniture that is sophisticated and stylish. Padraig is always looking for that one solution that combines form and function, experimenting with various materials. Call us with a custom project, furniture design, restorations refurb or project management.

Loughcrew Enterprises restoration services.

Bespoke Furniture Design & Carpentry

A Partial Package is an ideal option for those who may have already completed portions of their refit/project and would like additional guidance through the home stretch before the launch or 1st guest trip. This package is excellent for HOD's who want to play a leading role in the refit/project, while House of Corrigan completes the necessary research to make their dreams happen.

"We believe Luxury and sustainability go hand in hand"

The Complete Planning Package designed for the yacht, that requires a full-service, with a project manager overseeing every aspect of their project and refit. If you are overwhelmed at the thought of the work ahead, your dedicated project manager will be by your side during each stage of the process; from determining the initial budget breakdown to when the first guest steps back on board. 

Package 1

Package 2


We try to keep it simple around here, with transparent costs to help you meet your monthly or project-based budget. What makes us different? We don’t offer catalogues or presentations with thousands of options, because nowadays everything is visible on the internet and if you see it, we can get it. Instead, we get to know your programs needs/requests and then tailor a package, especially for you and your budget.



& Design

If you can think of it, we can find it or make it. We prefer to get to know our clients by jumping on a call (If possible), so we can understand their requirements, from there we put together a proposal for a small fee. If they like our approach, we go from there! (We love to take a positive approach to sustainable sourcing products, but also understand all industry products are not yet there and the owner’s preferences come first) 


Samples will be sent express and shipping costs will be billed to the client. If samples are not returned in 30 days, clients will automatically be charged through CC or PayPal. (Must be unused/not worn).

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