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House of Corrigan came from my experience within the family business. I joined in the '90s and learned the trade from all aspects — research and development, manufacturing and on to customer service. I was fortunate to get an opportunity to work closely with leading hotels across Europe and The United Emirates, assisting with the development of bespoke sleep experiences for hotel guests. I firmly believe in the importance of sustainability, quality, and as a result offering clients excellent customer service. Our aim is simple, give the client the service they want and expect, with amazing products that reflect today's customer.


Every successful business needs a talented project manager. Padraig, the co-founder of HOC and CEO of Loughcrew Enterprises, has over 20 years of experience project managing wood related projects. He has built an excellent reputation through his commitment to constructing and restoring the most elegant, luxurious built homes. Padraig personally project manages each endeavour consistently liaising with clients to reflect their vision and deliver smooth completion. For Padraig, every detail matters and great lengths can be gone to when sourcing solutions.  With his energy and dedication to excellence, he delivers unmatched value and customized service to corporate and private clients.

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